Prince Harry and Meghan apparently had their honeymoon in East Africa

Meghan Markle

GettyMeghan Markle has'great ambitions as she officially joined the Royal Foundation

It is the first time the duchess has attended an event with the Queen without her husband Prince Harry. They went on safaris, laid around in the sun (hence Markle's Trooping the Colour tan), and apparently went on what E! described as "outdoor adventures".

Markle was additionally handed flowers as she greeted well-wishers.

Whether or not Meghan chose to cover her shoulders to appease the monarch, it seems she has embraced some of the Royal Family's so-called "style codes".

This is the same bracelet the Duchess wore to celebrate Prince Charles' 70th birthday, and also happens to be a nod to the late Princess Diana.

They arrived at Runcorn earlier this morning when Meghan revealed it was her first in the North.

Speaking to Grazia she said that after Your Majesty: 'it is Ma'am, thrown into conversation as many times as possible'.

Body language expert Judi James, an industry leader in communication, told how the Queen appeared "completely confident" in Meghan's ability.

After the Duchess explained she was nervous, Prince Harry told her what happens next in the ceremony, which takes place while the royals watch on the balcony of Buckingham Palace.

But here's the kicker: Even though Eliz uses it to travel around the United Kingdom approximately once a month, according to Vanity Fair, it seems she's actually never invited Prince William, Prince Harry or Kate Middleton to step aboard.

'The Queen was doing everything right for her and made her looked like a granddaughter or a friend whom she is very fond of. Her constant delighted smiles let Meghan and the world know that she is happy to have the new bride at her side. They could've gone anywhere since they're royalty and all-one rumor said that they'll be spending it in Canada and Ireland.

They waited patiently for as long as four hours for the Queen and Meghan to make a short walk from a theatre to the town hall.

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