Jada Pinkett Smith: 'I was hooked on self-pleasure at 17'



"Hell yes, it's appropriate", she adds of the episode's sensitive topic, as Willow agrees, replying, "Is it life?" And with a mom as chill as Jada, Willow seemed OK discussing sex and self-pleasure - though maybe that's because when she was younger, she walked in on Jada and Will Smith getting it on. "That pain held me back and I wish I had known then that pain is just a part of your journey and it's not because you've done something wrong or because you're cursed or you're a bad person, we're all going through it". "My introduction to sex was obviously walking in on you and daddy", she said, something which shocked Jada. Willow simply likens the experience to walking in on something she shouldn't have. "It's like, when Mommy's meditating, don't get into her business".

While Jada did not call out any of her son's exes by name, he's past been in public romances with model Sarah Snyder and actress Amandla Stenberg. "I came down to get some juice and I saw for a little moment and I ran away". In regard to your sexuality, because you've always been pretty free, I think. "You just constantly want it".

The singer, who is the daughter of stars Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith, made the confession during her mother's Facebook show.

"We, as women, have been trained that women aren't supposed to enjoy sex, sex is not for women, sex is for men, pleasure is for men", Jada said before explaining that once in the past, after an experiment with abstaining from men, she went through an addiction to sex toys.

"I think by your age, I gave myself multiples first".

'One thing I have learned in life over the years is that mental health's something that we should practice every day, not just when issues arise. What I eat, what I watch on TV, what music I listen to, how I care for my body, my spiritual practice, what people I surround myself with, the amount of stress I allow and so on... either contribute to or deteriorate my mental health'.

During the chat, Willow revealed that her introduction to sex was accidentally seeing her parents doing the deed!

"That's some next level right there", Willow cracks. Check out new episodes on Mondays and visit Red Table Talk on Wednesdays for a Facebook Live with Jada, Willow and Adrienne.

Jada was open and willing to share these intimate details in order to let her daughter know it's OK to be sexual, even though Willow revealed that her generation is definitely more open when it comes to female sexuality.

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