Here's the title and first images of Wonder Woman sequel

First photos from 'Wonder Woman 1984' confirm that Chris Pine is returning as Steve Trevor

First Look: WONDER WOMAN 1984 - Steve Trevor Returns

The extremely anticipated sequel to DC's only good movie Wonder Woman is here, and it's called Wonder Woman 1984.

And from the looks of Pine's Members Only jacket and the big hairdos of the people around him, the sequel is clearly set in the '80s.

"Wonder Woman 1984" is the official title of the sequel, and Pine will be back as Steve Trevor.

The 1984 setting of the next Wonder Woman movie was hinted at earlier this month by both Patty and Geoff Johns, the president of DC Entertainment. But if you remember what happened in the first movie (spoilers for those who haven't seen it), Steve's plane exploded during the final arc.

This is speculation at this point in time, but a title like 1984 sure does spark a lot of ideas about what will take place when Wonder Woman 2 hits theaters. How he's managed to return in the new film remains a mystery.

One thing the new images don't reveal is Kristen Wiig, who will be appearing in WW84 as classic Wonder Woman villain, the Cheetah. Jenkins shared a first look at the star from the sequel, which will hit theaters on November 1, 2019. So stop whatever you're doing, go watch Wonder Woman, and come back to look at these tweets.

The photo showed Trevor, played by Chris Pine, looking somewhat confused or concerned while standing in a shopping mall circa 1984 dressed in what looks like a black Members Only jacket, black trousers, Nike sneakers, and a digital watch.

Patty Jenkins poses at the premiere of "Wonder Woman" in Los Angeles, May 25, 2017. We also have confirmation on the locations. The reason it's shocking is because Trevor died in Wonder Woman, sacrificing himself in an explosion high in the sky. Let us know in comments below.

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