Courtney Hadwin gets Golden Buzzer from Howie on America’s Got Talent 2018

America's Got Talent

America's Got Talent

However, it was Howie Mandel who was really impressed by the performance.

Launching into Otis Redding's 'Hard to Handle', Courtney left the judges and everyone in the crowd completely speechless - jaws basically dropped everywhere.

But despite missing out on the title, Courtney's performances on the show earned her a string of rave reviews from a new army of fans on social media.

'You were this shy little thing when you came out. "I mean, genuinely, incredible". "Oh my gosh. You are not from this era", he says seeming disappointed he can't offer her a record deal there and then. "You're from a whole different era".

"I'm not Clyde Davis".

"The only thing I can do for you, young lady, is give golden buzzer!"

Courtney said getting the golden buzzer was more than she "could have dreamed".

This week her audition from America's Got Talent went on TV and the result was pretty wonderful! "I know it's a big stage and there are lots of people here, but you're here for a reason so go for it".

She didn't need it, though, as she launched into a performance, complete with dance moves, that showed off the most confident side to the teen, who had previously walked out showing off some series butterflies.

"This is the worst act we've had", rasped Simon Cowell after watching caterpillar comedian Sethward perform his metamorphosis act on the third audition episode of "America's Got Talent".

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