IL officer receives award for rescuing boy running on busy highway

Police officer lauded for saving toddler on Illinois highway (video)

Officer rescues toddler running on side of Illinois highway

A Naperville, Illinois, police officer is receiving viral attention after his department released jarring dashcam footage showing him stopping his patrol vehicle on a busy highway last month to rescue a toddler running on the side of the highway.

"I have twin boys, and there's not a day that goes by where something bad happens, you always think of your own kids", Mannino said.

Cars continue to drive by in the left lane as the scene unfolds. Sergeant Mannino received a lifesaver award from his department.

The video shows the 1-year-old boy running down the roadway as traffic passes just a few feet from him. Then as he drew closer, Mannino realized it was actually a toddler wandering dangerously close to traffic.

Authorities say no one was hurt in the incident. He responded quickly, parking his squad auto to block traffic and pulling the little boy to safety.

Naperville Police said the little boy "escaped his mother's watchful eye" and got out of his house. She told the officer he had made it about two blocks from their home.

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