E3 2018: Nintendo announces Super Mario Party that goes back to roots

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Ultimate for Nintendo Switch. Between the likes of Super Smash Bros., a slew of new Pokemon titles and, at long last, a port of Fortnite, Switch owners certainly won't be short of new entries in their favorite franchises.

If you missed anything out of the Nintendo E3 2018 Direct, we have you covered. There's a lot here we've heard before, although we now know that Mew will be available for all players who purchase a Pokemon Plus accessory on November 16.

The Nintendo Switch is no stranger to co-op oriented games as one of the console's highlight features has always been offline multiplayer. I think it took four games for me to record my first victory (with Fire Emblem Fates' Corrin). Nintendo also opened its E3 showcase with Deamon X Machina, a somewhat ferocious and frantic mech game.

Moreover, every character has been tweaked or updated for the new game, some with more minor variations and others with overhauled looks gamers will discover as they play. You'll have to wait until the second quarter of 2019 to get your hands on it but we bet its worth the while. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate arrives December 7, 2018. We'll see just how much there is on December 7. Ice Climbers are back alongside newcomers such as the Splatoon's Inklings.

Super Mario Party features new minigames played in a variety of ways, from traditional controller-and-TV types to tabletop modes that run across two wirelessly connected Switch systems. Solid Freakin' Snake is back.

If you are looking for how you can to tune into the Nintendo Super Smash Bros. There's so much to take in here. Ultimate is clearly going to be one of the marquee titles coming to Switch owners later this year, and Nintendo provided a few more details on the upcoming fighting game that brings together (almost) all of its franchises and characters in one place. It will also be compatible with all previous Smash amiibo. What an awesome surprise!

If you were expecting a bunch of big Switch announcements for 2018 and beyond, the sheer focus on Smash might have been disappointing. And that's a wrap for tonight's show!

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