Life is unusual 2 getting a set-up game which is completely free

The Awesome Adventures Of Captain Spirit Arrives June 26, 2018 (Update)

Captain Spirit is a new Life is Strange spin-off that you can play for free later this month

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One of the big surprises of Sunday was the reveal of developer Don't Nod's immediate Life Is Strange future.

Square Enix and DONTNOD announced yesterday during the Xbox press conference that it will be releasing the side adventure Life Is Strange: The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit on June 26. The studio is also working on a game with Bandai Namco entitles "Twin Mirror", which is set for a 2019 release, and "Life is unusual 2", which has no tentative release date yet. A prequel series, Life is Strange: Before the Storm, launched in 2017.

Aside from details about the title itself - which is coming as a free download to consoles and PC later this month - Dontnod also detailed that Captain Spirit was being made in mind with expanding the Life is odd universe. Many assumed this would be Life Is Strange 2.

This self-contained narrative experience apparently contains plenty of hidden secrets that you'll discover through multiple playthroughs, and will also feature links to the brand new story that'll come, eventually, with Life is odd 2.

Later this year Titan is publishing a Life Is Strange comic based on one of the endings from the game and it'll be interesting to see how the concept of Captain Spirit could play into this larger universe of story.

Dontnod Entertainment's announcement of The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit was an intriguing one.

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