'Well' Melania Trump makes first public appearance in a month

How Le Bron James stance on White House visits evolved during the Trump presidency

How Le Bron James stance on White House visits evolved during the Trump presidency

Melania Trump has been out of the public eye following five days in the hospital in mid-May for a mysterious procedure to correct a kidney condition described as benign.

She has not been seen in public since May 10, when she accompanied the president to Andrews Air Force base in Maryland to welcome home three American hostages from North Korea.

The First Lady visited the Federal Emergency Management Agency Headquarters with her husband and appeared well, despite recent surgery.

Following the surgery, Melania's absence at events where the public has come to expect her alongside the president was well documented, leading her to take to Twitter to castigate reporters.

The First Lady shook hands and greeted employees as she arrived at the event in Washington with husband Donald Trump.

A spokesperson for Melania Trump tells me "there are not plans for her to attend" the president's "Celebration For America" that he's holding instead of meeting the Eagles today.

Grisham added that Melania is confident in her role as First Lady, and everything else is "speculation and nonsense".

In April, she represented the Trumps at former first lady Barbara Bush's funeral, rolled out her "Be Best" awareness campaign to help children, and orchestrated an elaborate state dinner for the Macrons of France. Her absence launched a wave of guesses in the mainstream and social media, where all sorts of theories were suggested.

Grisham told ABC News last Wednesday that the first lady was "doing really well".

"She feels great", she wrote, "doing well".

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