Leaked logo confirms Hitman 2

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New Hitman Announcement Teased for This Week

Hitman 2 would be the tenth Hitman game released for the franchise, which was created by IO Interactive and originally published by Eidos and Square Enix.

The next game by IO has been leaked on the Warner Bros. website, meaning that they will be publishing the game after Square Enix withdrew from the studio.

The official Hitman account tweeted out a little teaser yesterday, promising something to be revealed on June 7.

Shortly after the site went live, the logo for Hitman 2 was accessible before Warner wised up and removed it.

What's interesting is that it didn't say "Season 2" instead.

In November 2017, developers IO Interactive committed themselves to a new Agent 47 game, stating that "franchise firsts" and that more information would be revealed "at some point" this year.

That leaves it uncertain as to whether the new game will continue the episodic releases of the last one or if it'll be a standard all-in-one retail release. On the series' official Twitter page, a new Hitman announcement is being dangled in front of our faces like a delicious, yet murderous carrot. Make sure to keep an eye out for even more leaks before E3 starts next week!

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