Live Blog of Apple's 2018 WWDC Keynote

Apple Watch

Apple Watch

You can expect a lot of talk about Siri, privacy, security, stability, and augmented reality, though.

Less likely but not utterly impossible is the announcement of new Mac computers.

Instead, the star of the show that is WWDC 2018 is likely to be the iOS 12. The event, which is held annually in California, showcases major software announcements.

WWDC 2018 is about to get started tonight at 10.30PM IST. There are rumours that Apple will be doing some form of integration between iOS and macOS apps, but it's not confirmed if we will actually see this announced at WWDC 2018. On top of that, Apple could refresh the MacBook Pro lineup with newer processors too, like it did past year.

-81% Apple devices are on the latest version of iOS 11.

According to a latest report delivered by Bloomberg, it states that Apple is working on an initiative called as "Digital Health" which may make users less addicted to devices and gadgets.

However, Apple's system avoids storing any raw mapping scans of a user's surroundings in the cloud, said the two sources.

It is assumed that "Digital health" will analyze data on the use of applications and will allow you to set restrictions. In a way, it could be similar to the features that Google recently announced for Android P, which too aims to help users reduce their usage of smartphone.

A new Siri app on iOS 12 called Shortcuts allows you to create verbal commands that will lead Siri to perform a number of functions you pre-program. This is part of Apple's plan to make a video equivalent of its Apple Music offering, which Macworld suggests is confirmed by recent appointments of TV and film experts to its executive, as well as previous promises to invest heavily in its own content. The company saves a few surprises for its September press event when it also announces new iPhones. Apple CEO Tim Cook will begin the Keynote at McEnery Convention Center in San Jose.

The company described how iOS 12 will include several new features to help you not use your phone so dang much. This is the function that lets users send money via iMessage to other contacts. Though, you do require Apple devices including iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch running iOS 10 or later in order to watch the live-stream. And he said that while the company hasn't released its own data on Apple Pay Cash, a peer-to-peer money-transfer offering announced a year ago, the service "doesn't seem to have impacted Venmo in any way".

Apple debuted its ARKit augmented reality tool for app makers previous year, and has since been pushing the iPhone as a powerful device for all kinds of AR trickery.

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