'Solo: A Star Wars Story' disappoints at the box office

'Solo: A Star Wars Story' disappoints at the box office

'Solo: A Star Wars Story' disappoints at the box office

Disney and Lucasfilm certainly do. The budget soared past $250 million.

Solo's initial performance marks a rare loss for Disney. If that held, "Solo" would be set up to be the latest "Star Wars" movie having a record-breaking box office opening - taking the crown from current Memorial Day record holder, 2007's "Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End" with $139.8 million.

On top of that, Disney would surely prefer a year-end launching pad going forward, rather than a summer bow. The Force Awakens helmer J.J. Abrams will return to the director's chair, following Rian Johnson's work on The Last Jedi previous year.

Despite the film's abundance of positive attributes, the fact that numerous characters' fates are already well known means that there is no real sense of jeopardy facing the central protagonists. Internationally the film added another $32.5 million putting its global total at $1.9 billion, making it the highest grossing MCU film by almost $400 million.

For a deeper look at "Solo" and its global box office struggles, read our Sunday box office report here. In the film, she dies in action and her consciousness and data are uploaded to the Millenium Falcon in order to help our heroes make a big escape.

"Let's measure how we feel about this until more time passes", Hollis said.

Even if "Solo" hit the high-end of its original industry projections, it wasn't likely to even have the opening weekend of 2016's "Rogue One", which took in $155 million, the lowest opening weekend for a "Star Wars" movie since "The Force Awakens".

Screening of the film "Solo: A Star Wars Story" out of competition - Red Carpet Arrivals - Cannes, France May 15, 2018. Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter, he said, "We are all over it, and will spend a lot of time digging into why things happened the way they did". The saga entries, with Episode IX on the horizon, are, for lack of better description, for the critics.

That's the silver lining Disney and Lucasfilm are counting on.

Based on the drop between projected and actual numbers, moviegoers domestically and overseas were not showing up for Solo: A Star Wars Story. The second film in Star Wars' sequel trilogy debuted with US$220 million domestically.

I gave the Last Jedi a decent review when I watched a preview. "These days it seems like we're approaching a time where anything can be called "Star Wars' if it has the right branding". It will be interesting to see where the future of the Star Wars franchise takes us and if that destination is any more challenging than discovering answers we've either already been made aware of or we weren't asking in the first place. Solo was projected to potentially dethrone that movie, but it came nowhere close to doing that. "If you have an above-quality product, the release date is a secondary concern", says Bock. And giving the Falcon a personality that is fused with this unbelievable character played by Phoebe I think does actually enrich the other movies in a way that I'm excited about.

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