Trump vaguely tweets about 'big news coming' for USA auto workers

Trump directs government to investigate whether tariffs are needed on imports of autos, trucks

Trump administration considers tariff on cars: report

An investigation has been launched into the national threat posed by these imports, the first step toward imposing the tariffs.

"Big news coming soon for our great American Autoworkers".

"I do not believe that it will have the desired effect", Ujczo said. They're very spoiled. Because nobody's done this. As a result of the missed deadline, Congress will not be able to vote on a finalized NAFTA agreement until January 2019 - after the upcoming US mid-term elections in November. Yet it risks raising auto prices, complicating pending trade talks, and antagonizing lawmakers into re-examining presidential trade authority.

According to Bloomberg, Mazda would be among the automakers most affected by tariffs, since all of their vehicles are now produced in Mexico, where wages are 1-10th of the average American worker's.

In a separate statement, President Donald Trump said: "Core industries such as automobiles and automotive parts are critical to our strength as a nation".

China is a relatively minor player in the USA auto import market, ranked 10th in dollar terms, but its massive vehicle industry is eager to expand overseas.

Officials confirmed overnight that an inquiry had been opened into whether imported vehicles and parts "threaten to impair the national security" of the United States.

"After the steel & aluminum high, Trump is now addicted to tariffs", Bown tweeted.

Republicans on Capitol Hill didn't offer support.

At the end of the day, it's the domestic political situation that is the cause for Donald Trump's weakening hand on trade.

"It feels more like it has to do with domestic politics or some other issue, and I hope that will be abandoned quick".

"It's an improper use of trade law". "Economic security is military security", he said. "Unfortunately, prior Congresses have given any administration an bad lot of authority in these areas".

VDA noted that actual trade flows in the auto industry are different to the impression given in policy statements by Trump.

Major business groups also slammed the directive.

His one success so far has been to strike a new deal with South Korea, although it appeared to make few gains for the United States, according to most trade experts.

Most of the big foreign automakers Trump wants to tax have factories in the United States, where they employ hundreds of thousands of Americans. "But incorrectly using the 232 statute will create unintended consequences for USA manufacturing workers that will limit the chance for Americans to win". Trump promised that auto workers and auto companies would be pleased with the results.

U.S. Senate Finance Committee Chairman Orrin Hatch said possible auto tariffs are "deeply misguided", and urged the administration "to remain focused on addressing China's trade practices". "The United States became a dumping ground for a lot of countries at a very low cost".

On CTV's Question Period on May 13, Rona Ambrose, a member of Canada's NAFTA Advisory Council said a key sticking point in the talks was the auto portion of the deal, related to workers wages and rules of origin.

Mexico and Canada are two of the three largest exporters of autos to the U.S. Trump has also repeatedly complained about auto imports from Germany and Japan, and has raised the issue in talks with world leaders.

"I think they would prefer us not to act on it, but I think Congress is going to do what it needs to do", Rubio said. Under the trade pact, a six-month withdrawal notice is required.

Mr. Trump has thrown the world into a vortex of uncertainty.

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