Only for India, Facebook rolls out fresh updates for stories

The Facebook Camera will allow users to save their shots online

The Facebook Camera will allow users to save their shots online

The social network has also said that an archive feature will be rolled out in the coming weeks which will let users save the Facebook Stories they want to preserve. The aim is to make it more attractive to people who can't use Stories the way it is now - and therefore don't use it at all. Now, Facebook Stories is getting an all-new feature which will allow people to do 'Voice Posts.' This means that your voice can be a Facebook Story. "At this point, you'll be able to save as many photos and videos as you can using the Facebook Camera with this feature".

Only the user can see photos that are saved to Facebook's Camera and stored on the cloud. If you have, then you might be glad to know that Facebook is launching a Save option, so you can do your story now and post it later. The app is also adding the ability to share audio messages to Stories. As the name suggests, this feature allows you to share a moment without having to share a photo or video. "We have no news to announce at this time", the company said. This will be saved on their Facebook account and not their phone storage.

Between Voice Posts, Stories archive and cloud storage for your media, what's your favorite new feature?

All three new features will be available in India first before being made available to everyone else in the world in the near future.

Users will be able to put a background colour to audio posts or a background picture.

Facebook Stories archive
Facebook Stories archive

On the question why, Facebook is adding Voice Posts to Stories, the company responded, "We are always working to help people share and connect with their friends and family on Facebook in ways that are authentic to them". He adds that "Voice posts give people a new medium through which to express themselves".

As the Voice Posts feature is highly inspired by voice messaging on WhatsApp, it works in a similar way. You can go back and view these Stories at any time, or choose to reshare them as a post or story.

You'll need to tap the Archive button (looks like a small clock) that is located in the Stories section above your News Feed. Users will get an option whether they want to archive Stories.

"After a photo disappears from a story, you can still re-view it, re-live it and re-share it", Hayes said.

This is significant not just because Facebook's making a Stories feature that doesn't rely on the camera, but because audio messages are already incredibly popular in India and many other countries.

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