Volvo details Android-powered infotainment system

Android P will finally restrict apps from monitoring your network activity

Volvo details Android-powered infotainment system

Visit the official website for more information on the 2018 Google I/O Conference, which runs May 8-10 from the Shoreline Amphitheatre in Mountain View, California.

As Amazon finds success encroaching on Google's territory by leveraging its marketplace as an ad platform, Google continues to play both defense and offense to take advantage of its traffic. It's like someone mashed together a high-end speaker bar, a Google Home, and an Android TV media streamer like the Nvidia Shield, all into one sleek-looking package. The Swedish automaker will add Google Maps, the Google Play Store, and Google Assistant to future versions of its Sensus infotainment systems.

It's worth noting that many Android OEMs including OnePlus, Vivo and Oppo have already enabled similar implementations of gesture navigation in their recent smartphones even on the framework of Android Oreo, so this is nothing new to Android. The still unnamed Android P has been available as a developer preview since March and includes improved privacy settings, plus tweaks to menus, docks, and settings screens.

The platform could bring its Google Assistant virtual helper to refrigerators and robots and familiar designs to cash registers and vending machines. So, as you can see below, users will be able to give users a quick shortcut to find more songs without voice commands, or pulling out their phone. It will also ship with a remote control, that can interact with older TV's via the built-in IR functionality. Here are a couple of keynotes that we have gathered so far. Now called Wear OS, the newly branded OS just picked up a few new Assistant features to make it a more powerful wrist companion.

Last year, Google and Volvo announced that the next Sensus system would be based on Android and its Linux-based code. We have seen that till now, Google had nothing interesting to offer in this segment. Let us know your thoughts below. Google unveiled its smart display platform at CES, but it left the hardware to Lenovo, JBL, and other partners. The annual developer conference is bound to outline Android treats that tech enthusiasts have been anticipating for weeks, one in particular sounding very sweet. In January, Google announced the integration of its Assistant software into Android Auto for voice functions.

Even though it was released in 2015, the Pixel C is still one of the better Android tablets ever made, mainly because most Android tablets are pretty awful.

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