Fitbit's female health tracking goes live as its wearables get smarter

Fitbit gets quick replies and menstrual cycle tracking

Fitbit activates female health tracking on the Versa and Ionic

Offering notifications which alert users to text messages, app updates, phone calls, and calendar alerts, among others, wearers will have quick access to the goings on in their smartphone without reaching for their pocket.

But that's changing today - Fitbit is rolling out quick replies to the Versa and Ionic.

It's probably not too late, though, and besides, both female health tracking capabilities and quick replies are coming to the affordable Versa, as well as the costlier Fitbit Ionic smartwatch, available right now at $250 after a nationwide $50 markdown.

Similar to Fitbit's Ionic, the Versa comes packed with a variety of smartwatch features, as well as the company's signature fitness tracking capabilities.

Female health tracking, which is one of the most requested features from users, is created to help women learn about their menstrual cycle to better understand how it impacts fitness and health.

And it gets smarter as you log. Fitbit says it takes about two cycles for the app to really get to know your cycle to make more accurate predictions. Initially I thought this feature was only going to work with SMS and maybe a few other apps, but it works with pretty much every messaging app I have installed on my phone. The new feature is only available on the Fitbit Ionic and the Versa. Fitbit defaults these to Yes, No, Sounds good!

Users could response with emojis as well. Fitbit plans on expanding into more countries and banks later in 2018. One possible reason for this is the concern of integrating the technology with third party services such as iMessage. Until now, Fitbit had allowed users to view only incoming texts across their devices with screens. Some of the new apps include Dexcom, an app that provides glucose readings, Sickweather, an app that scans social media for indicators of illness, and Go365, an app that tracks a user's wellness and rewards them for making healthy choices. Fitbit also upped the customization ante by giving wearers the ability to fully customize the smartwatch, offering a variety of apps like Starbucks, Strava, and Flipboard, as well as a number of custom clock faces - the brand says there's already over 550 apps and clock faces now available.

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