Palestinians hurt after Israeli troops fire shots and tear gas


World Digest: May 3, 2018

Sources of the Public Health Ministry of the Strip of Gaza reported that another 361 Palestinian civilians were affected by inhalling tear gas, among them three journalists.

"Some tell us we can't do what men do, some are afraid we will get hurt and others encourage us", Aya Abeid, 18, told Reuters.

Black smoke from burning tires mixed with streaks of tear gas fired by Israeli forces on Friday as several thousand Palestinians staged a sixth weekly protest on the Gaza-Israel border.

Two-thirds of the two million Palestinians in Gaza are war refugees or their descendants.

The protesters are demanding the lifting of the 10-year blockade of the territory by Israel.

The Times also follows its now standard practice of nowhere reporting that during the weeks of protest not one single Israeli has even been scratched, while the Israeli military has slaughtered more than 40 Gazans and wounded many hundreds more.

The IDF confirmed reports in the Palestinian media that the two drone crashed in Gaza.

Noting that children have been showing signs of severe distress and trauma, Cappelaere said: "The escalating violence in Gaza has exacerbated the suffering of children whose lives have already been unbearably hard for several years. The IDF is determined to act and fulfill its obligation to protect the citizens of Israel and not to allow harm to the security infrastructures that protect them".

Israel has defended its disproportionate use of violence against peaceful protesters involved in the the Great Return March demonstrations after facing a legal challenge from global rights groups, suggesting human rights laws do not apply to what it described as "acts of war". Palestinians deny those allegations.

Israel says it only opens fire when necessary to stop attacks, infiltrations and damage to the border fence.

The move has deeply angered the Palestinians, who see the Israeli-annexed eastern sector of the city as the capital of their future state. They reached the Gaza side of the Kerem Shalom crossing with Israel by Friday evening, and burned the infrastructure and gas pipeline that supplies Gaza with fuel from Israel.

Visiting the Middle East earlier this week, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo lent his support to Israel's handling of the border riots.

"We do believe the Israelis have a right to defend themselves", he said.

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