Palenque Grill showing you how to celebrate Cinco De Mayo

               Weekend Rundown Cinco de Mayo Tulip Time        CJ De Vries from

EVENTS Weekend Rundown Cinco de Mayo Tulip Time CJ De Vries from

It happens! But now, thanks to a St. Louis-based alcohol distributor, that embarrassment doesn't need to happen while you are behind the wheel of your auto, where you will die, and possibly kill others as well. It's not, of course.

Ironically, the holiday is generally more popular in the United States than in Mexico and is often celebrated with parades and special events to honor Mexican-Americans, folk dances, mariachi performances and Mexico-themed get-togethers among friends and family members.

Apart from Starkville's bars, the town's Tex-Mex restaurants will also host Cinco de Mayo celebrations.

"It's such a big project we just couldn't get it together in the fashion that we knew would be a top quality event", Scott said.

Palenque Grill is showing you how you can celebrate the holiday the right way.

The holiday is perennially misunderstood; after all these years, it's still widely confused for Mexican Independence Day. If you're thinking Texas or California, you're wrong.

When is Cinco de Mayo? As if basic, everyday decency demands a full, footnoted explanation.

What is Cinco de Mayo? And that now-iconic Cinco de Mayo Twitterpic courtesy of Donald Trump, a devilish wolf-in-sheep's-clothing grin pasted on his face, giving the thumbs-up next to a mystery meat-laden taco salad.

"We want everyone celebrating Cinco de Mayo to have a safe ride home lined up before they head out the door", Blasky said.

If there are more Cinco de Mayo celebrations to add to this list, please share comments below. I stand by that.

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