Elon Musk kinda, sorta admits he messed up

Tesla is flirting with a key level ahead of earnings

Tesla bonds drop after CEO cuts off analysts on earnings call

First, Musk stated that the two analysts he opted to ignore were attempting to justify their Tesla short thesis. Both have a three-star rating out of five stars for accuracy on their coverage of the company, according to Thomson Reuters data.

"Excuse me. Next. Boring, bonehead questions are not cool".

"I should have answered their questions, live", Musk tweeted a day later.

After receiving a suggestion on Twitter that blocking analysts who are going to be negative would solve his problem, Musk wrote back: "True".

Tesla may still be ironing out the production glitches on the assembly line of its popular Model 3 saloon but that hasn't stopped it from adding a new vehicle to its all-electric range. Yet some investors are concerned that the company will need to raise additional capital by the end of the year.

Tesla's stock recovered a little on Friday, up 2.4 percent at $291 in early afternoon trade. (AAPL), who stole the position for a short time.

Though the EV maker posted its highest quarterly loss ever, Musk was happy that Tesla was able to beat the Wall Street expectations.

At this point, the street doesn't even see Tesla becoming non-GAAP profitable until Q2 of 2019, well after Elon Musk thinks it will occur.

"One of the common misimpressions is that when there is, say, a serious accident on Autopilot, people-or some of the articles-for some reason think that it's because the driver thought the vehicle was fully autonomous and it wasn't, and we somehow misled them into thinking it was fully autonomous".

During Wednesday's call, Spak asked about customer reservations for the Model 3 sedan, while Sacconaghi wanted to know about Tesla's capital requirements.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk on Wednesday made another round of headlines after a handful of contentious exchanges with analysts during an earnings report conference call. "They are actually on the *opposite* side of investors", Musk tweeted on Friday.

"While they may be dry in nature, we argue such questions are extremely important for a highly leveraged and cash-hungry company", Morgan Stanley analyst Adam Jonas wrote in a note to investors. On the call, he devoted 23 minutes to 25-year-old Tesla investor, Galileo Russell, who runs HyperChange TV.

He's correct to call the analysts "sell-side", meaning they come from brokerage firms, which earn fees when clients trade stocks.

Tesla shares tumbled as much as 8 percent on Thursday as investors anxious about the fallout from Musk's behaviour on the earnings conference call.

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