Local agencies participate in drug take back day

GUEST COLUMN: Take your town back from opioid epidemic

Drug Awareness: Disposal

"The opioid crisis is huge where I'm from and that's why I wanted to do this, to try and help", said Foos.

The Canton police department and the Northeast Missouri Drug Task Force partnered to collect the unwanted medications as part of National Drug Take Back Day.

But, locally Sioux Falls law enforcement and local pharmacies have established year-round locations across the state.

People dropped off their old prescriptions in their "DEA Drug Take Back Event" which they hold twice a year.

San Luis Obispo CHP collected over 280 pounds of unwanted prescription drugs.

Studies show that a majority of abused prescription drugs are obtained from family and friends, including from the home medicine cabinet.

Fleischhauer dropped off pills her late father had been prescribed.

The medication drop boxes are open Monday through Friday. Nearly every local police department now has a prescription drop off box in their lobby and it is typically available 24/7.

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