Amber Rudd admits failures over Windrush crisis

A precarious process.     from

A precarious process. from

Amber Rudd has denied the government's target of reducing net migration to below 100,000 has contributed to the Windrush scandal.

'It's wrong to think the net migration target is the problem here. He said they were concerned that the introduction of new online "app" application forms, although simpler, should not become insuperable problems for the "vulnerable" who found technology hard to deal with.

During exchanges at Prime Minister's questions, Mrs May insisted the Government was committed to ensuring those who were entitled to be in the United Kingdom were able to remain, but said it was right to clamp down on illegal immigration.

She added: "I have private conversations with the prime minister which will stay private".

Persons who believe they fall within the category of the Windrush Generation or their children are being asked to use the British Home Office website and helpline to contact Jamaica's Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade or to contact the Jamaican High Commission in London to get assistance. "Isn't it time she took responsibility and resigned?" he said.

"If there are removals targets in the Home Office and the two people who supposedly in charge don't know about them, that feels pretty serious", she said.

The row came amid deepening anger at the way members of the Windrush generation, who arrived from the Commonwealth in the decades following the Second World War and who have now been threatened with deportation, have been treated.

The delegation, led by the European Parliament's Brexit co-ordinator, Guy Verhofstadt, met officials from the Home Office at prime minister Theresa May's instigation to outline concerns they have about transition and post-Brexit arrangements for EU citizens who wish to live in the UK. Labour has also called for Rudd to quit.

"I look back with hindsight and I'm surprised I did not see the shape of it sooner", Rudd said Wednesday. Because a few years ago the prime minister said: "'I'm actually sick and exhausted of a government minister who simply blames other people when something goes wrong.' What's changed?"

Rudd told the committee today while she was aware there was a problem with individuals facing wrongful deportation she did not "see it as a systemic issue until very recently".

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