Thompson teachers rally before, after school

Surrey School Board offices

Surrey School Board offices

She said her district was not in session on Monday, so she and other parents and teachers used Monday as another day to advocate for more funding.

Colorado teachers were prepared to leave classrooms Monday and descend on the state capitol in Denver for what is being billed as a "Day of Action", in which they plan to lobby legislators to boost their pay and provide more funding for education.

School will not resume in Tulsa until tomorrow. In Oklahoma, teachers staged a walkout beginning April 2, demanding pay raises for themselves and support staff, funding for elective courses, and enough money to replace old, battered textbooks.

At least 500 educators are expected to demonstrate at the state Capitol in Denver on Monday to push for more financial support, the Colorado Education Association says, in what will be just the latest in a wave of teacher protests at USA state capitols this year. "In the summer I'm working a second job as well".

These movements were largely inspired by a nine-day statewide teacher walkout in West Virginia that began February 22, resulting in their winning the 5 percent pay increase they wanted. According to the National Education Association, Colorado teachers average $US46,000 per year, and rural-based Colorado teachers can make as little as $US30,000. He was a coach and typing teacher for 17 years, but never wrote on the Board and words.

That wave has notably seen teachers in West Virginia get a 5% pay raise last month after a nine-day strike. They want to pay for a boat.

In Kentucky, a teacher's salary averaged around $52,000 in contrast to Oklahoma's $45,000, however teachers there are picketing over their spring break and protesting a pension reform bill that passed the State House and Senate last week.

"I guarantee you somewhere in Kentucky today a child was sexually assaulted that was left at home because there was nobody there to watch them", Bevin told reporters Friday.

It is not a coincidence these movements took place in Republican-led states in which tax cuts take precedence over funding education.

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