Eight athletes from Cameroon abscond at Commonwealth Games in Australia

Nicolson dedicates gold to her brothers

Skye Nicolson wins emotional boxing gold at Games amid claims of bias

One-third of Cameroon's athletes competing at the Gold Coast Commonwealth Games have been reported missing, amid fears they have defected in Australia.

But a delighted Nicolson said she felt her brothers were in her corner during the fight.

Boxing is in the blood of her family but Nicolson never met either of her brothers, Jamie and Gavin, after they were killed in a vehicle crash in 1994 while on their way to training.

'I had a little chat to them right before I went in and they were definitely there with me, ' Nicolson said.

Walsh reacts in anger as Nicolson roars.

Walsh, who will take home the silver medal, said she believed she was robbed in favour of Nicolson, who she called "the face of the games".

Walsh was devastated after the fight and can consider herself unlucky not to have prevailed.

"I think it's also important to remember that these athletes are guests here in Australia at this time, they're still within their visas, they have the right to travel freely".

Nicolson dedicates gold to her brothers
Eight athletes from Cameroon abscond at Commonwealth Games in Australia

"I really thought she won the fight but we have to accept the result and move on", said Aidan Walsh. "I think it's disappointing that athletes that have come didn't compete as they were scheduled to compete", he told Reuters.

In February Home Affairs minister Peter Dutton warned games visitors including athletes and officials, must abide by their visa conditions or else face outcome under Australian law.

It was a case of history repeating itself for Walsh, who also suffered a contentious split decision loss in the gold medal bout at the 2014 Glasgow Games.

"These people and others who might have a similar objective need to hear this message very clearly: they aren't going to game the system, they aren't going to stay here and the Australian Border Force (ABF) officers in the compliance division will find these people, they will be held in immigration detention until they can be deported", Dutton told Macquarie Media radio on Thursday.

"I really just got to relax and have some fun out there doing what I love so I was really happy with that, I didn't feel much pressure at all".

It was an emotional victory for the Australian.

But two other finals went the other way as Jason Whateley was defeated by New Zealand's David Nyika and Caitlin Parker was beaten Welsh fighter Lauren Price.

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