North Carolina restaurant offers Tarantula Burger

Zebra Tarantula Burger

Do you dare? Bull City offers 'tarantula burger' for Exotic Meat Month

- Arbitrary holidays and commemorative months have managed to fill our calendars with reasons to celebrate. "Man, I wish I could eat a tarantula burger right now?"

Bull City Burger and Brewery has dubbed April as Exotic Meat Month, transforming its menu into something straight out of children's nightmares.

A North Carolina craft brewery is pushing the boundaries of what is considered edible, proudly offering customers the chance to eat a tarantula burger.

And if they finish their plate, they get a T-shirt to immortalize the eight-legged feat, according to Bull City's website.

Alongside the tarantula several other exotic meats are on offer, including camel, turtle, reindeer, rabbit, bugs and elk.

The burger is available for lucky winners of a raffle for the rare burger.

The one grabbing the most attention is the "tarantula burger", which includes a pasture-raised North Carolina beef burger, gruyere cheese, an oven-roasted tarantula and spicy chili sauce.

Adventurous eaters can't just walk in and order a tarantula burger, though.

At least four people have completed the challenge.

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