You Can Now Get Spotify and Hulu for $12.99/Month

Spotify Free users could be about to get a serious boost — here's why

Spotify To Revamp Free Music Platform

A Spotify bundle with Hulu combines the two subscriptions and cuts their aggregate price.

Following a successful pairing aimed at college students, Hulu and Spotify create a music and TV subscription for $12.99 per month. This summer, Spotify and Hulu will open up the new package to anyone who wants it, according to CNET.

The streaming companies will offer a combined version of their Spotify Premium and basic ad-supported Hulu services for a total of $12.99. That price gets you Spotify Premium and traditional, video-on-demand Hulu (with ads). Current Spotify Premium users can try Hulu right now for just $0.99-per-month for three months. After that, you'll start being billed for $12.99/month.

The first people to get access to the bundle are existing Spotify Premium subscribers.

This bundle gives the user access to Spotify Premium and Hulu's Limited Commercials streaming plans. The discount will apply for as long as you are subscribed taking £1 a month off the standard subscription charge of £9.99. Some music also hits the free service a little later than the paid one, and a limited number of songs are entirely unavailable on the free plan. App stores can take almost a third of each payment, so this offering will lure some subscribers into Spotify's billing system.

Sources familiar with the matter told Bloomberg that the music-streaming giant is planning to change its free tier to be more like its paid subscription service.

The companies said they plan to make the offer available to consumers who don't now subscribe to Spotify later this summer. Following up on last year's successful launch of Spotify Premium for Students, you can now add a Hulu subscription to the mix.

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