Facebook to Require Verified Identities for Future Political Ads

Source Facebook

Source Facebook

It already has a similar function in Messenger's secret message feature, where messages automatically delete with on a timer that users can set, the company said. Depending on your perspective, it's a little concerning that Facebook wields the power mess with people's private messages, and has admitted to doing so.

Facebook tells TechCrunch is hasn't finalized exactly how the Unsend feature will work. "These included limiting the retention period for Mark [Zuckerberg's] messages in Messenger".

Zuckerberg on Thursday took questions from reporters during an hour-long teleconference.About the issues of privacy and manipulation on the service, he said, "I wish that I could snap fingers and in three months or six months have solved all these issues". That's an ability normal Facebook users don't have.

"Only good news", it reads.

"It took over four days from when the messages started circulating for the escalation to reach you", said the groups, who had flagged the worrying content to Facebook. The company did not specify what number of followers would trigger the requirement.

It comes on the heels of a revelation that Russian Federation used the service to meddle in USA elections. Facebook has been under scrutiny in recent weeks over how it handles users' private data and the revelation struck a nerve.

Today (6 April), Facebook announced it is making a concerted effort to build a more transparent platform based on authenticity. Facebook didn't have details about whether recipients would be notified when a message was unsent and retracted from their inboxes, whether the feature would apply retroactively to old messages sent before the launch, or whether users would need to designate a message as expiring/unsendable before they send it. He later transferred the data to political consulting firm Cambridge Analytica, which worked on Donald Trump's 2016 presidential campaign. Users who might have had their data shared with Cambridge Analytica will be told of that. Sources in the government say that the IT ministry is miffed why users whose data had been stolen weren't warned for the last two years by Facebook. Facebook really wants us to like them again, guys.

"These steps by themselves won't stop all people trying to game the system", the Facebook chief said.

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When someone has their setting turned off, we don't use this technology to identify them in photos, Facebook Deputy Chief Privacy Officer Rob Sherman said.

Wigand said that European Union data protection authorities will discuss over the coming days "a strong coordinated approach" on how to deal with the Facebook investigation.

"This story reinforces people's fears about Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook".

The FTC is investigating whether Facebook violated a 2011 decree that requires the company to get consent from users before sharing information.

It says Facebook representatives in Indonesia could face up to 12 years in prison and a fine of $871,000, if convicted.

It said in a tweet on Wednesday that it received no more than 30 million records from a researcher it hired to collect data about people on Facebook.

Facebook is open to the idea of additional government regulation, Sandberg said.

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