Is Robert Mueller Compiling a Case Against Trump for Obstruction of Justice?

In context, Mueller's statement seems like an attempt to induce Trump to be interviewed by Mueller.

Mueller's description of the president's status has sparked friction within Trump's inner circle as his advisers have debated his legal standing. Second, if he has told Trump's lawyers about it, he has likely already have gotten some sort of green light from Rosenstein to either release it or send it to Congress. And these two consequences are not incompatible.

Of course, whilst Mueller may not consider Donald Trump a "criminal target" at present, that does not mean that he won't become one as the Mueller investigation continues. As such, he may report sooner rather than later on his findings regarding Trump's possible efforts to obstruct justice by endeavoring to quash parts of the investigation.

According to former Federal Bureau of Investigation agent Asha Rangappa, if Mueller determined in the report that Trump has obstructed justice, the report could be used by Congress who will decide to go ahead with impeachment proceedings. After all, Mueller has been probing this issue for a year. But he is also not a criminal target at this point.

The problem with this view is that Mueller may have concluded he lacks the power to charge Trump with any crime. With so much still missing, though, it's not yet possible to get a handle on the whole, to understand where Mueller's investigation may ultimately lead.

"So all today's news tells us is that Mueller hasn't made a decision to indict Trump at this time". The Washinton Post story claims that Mueller's comments could be an attempt to "bait" Trump into agreeing to be interviewed, something that his legal advisors are reportedly keen to avoid. At least he, and the nation, would be spared of that. All of the attorneys working on the case are paid by Trump and not the ACLJ, said spokesman Gene Kapp. By contrast, Democrats, if they get a damning report from Mueller and win the House, will nearly certainly open hearings at least to determine if impeachment is appropriate.

Supporters and experts cautioned that Trump should be careful about sitting down with Mueller.

So far, my focus has been on the Russian Federation collusion angle. Now Trump's eager to sit down with Mueller, in a situation where any lie could be interpreted as obstruction of justice? . In any case, it's a crime in itself. If the Washington Post notes that Mueller went to dinner with his wife on Friday and ordered his steak medium rare, the attorneys spend a sleepless weekend crafting a 40-page memorandum discussing what the special counsel's doneness preferences might reveal about the amount of time remaining until he declares his work complete. That might look bad, but I don't think it's a sound basis for alleging obstruction of justice. Trump's former national security adviser Michael Flynn and former Trump campaign aide George Papadopoulos also have pleaded guilty.

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