Google Introduces Improved Search for Movies

Mid-range Pixel phone aimed at emerging markets is reportedly in the works

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Interested customers can choose to register for updates on the pricing, offers and availability of the Google Home and Google Home Mini when they are launched.

Before the mid-range Pixel handset arrives, Google is planning to launch multiple products in India, including the premium Pixelbook notebook, various intelligent home automation products, as well as its new smart speakers. To counter the Amazon speakers, Google will require them to be aggressively priced. Its main concerns are rivals Inc. and Apple Inc., both of which are making gains on Google with the rising adoption of voice-enabled search devices such as Alexa and Siri.

Google Pixel 3 is meant to be a smartphone that attracts more and more users to the Google smartphones and Android platform and the integration of a facial recognition system similar to Face ID might do the magic.

Google on Tuesday dedicated its quirky and creative doodle to mark the 115th birth anniversary of India's social reformer and freedom fighter Kamaladevi Chattopadhyay.

For those unaware, and the ones who have been living under a rock, Gaana and Saavn are two of the most popular music streaming services in India. Interestingly, it has been also reported that there will be support for Netflix as well. The brand's already confirmed the arrival of the Home and Home Mini for April 10, so there's a chance the article might be right about the other goods as well. Even when your hands are full, you can quickly send text messages, set reminders, or get directions with the Google Assistant.

In a communication shared by Redington India with its retail partners, Google Home and Google Home Mini will be available in India in April this year, reports GizmoChina.

In addition to the security fixes, the update also brings major improvements to the Google Pixel devices. However, companies like Xiaomi and Huawei enjoy increasing sales of their smartphones with higher price/performance ratio in a market like India.

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