Trump Takes Aim At CA Governor Over Illegal Immigrant Pardons

Brown pardoned these immigrants before the faced the possibility of deportation. But Trump criticized the decision because of their previous crimes including kidnapping robbery and allegedly beating ones wife

Trump slams California governor over immigration: 'Is this really what the great people of California want?'

Trump attacked California Governor Jerry Brown for pardoning five immigrants before the holiday weekend.

Between the five foreign nationals are convictions of domestic violence, threatening a crime with intent to terrorize, drug possession, dealing drugs, obstructing a police officer, kidnapping, robbery, felon in possession of a firearm, and auto theft.

Two of the people Brown pardoned were Cambodian men from Northern California picked up in immigration sweeps.

Brown earned the "Moonbeam" nickname when he was governor in 1970 and floated ideas for a California space academy and launching a satellite for emergency communications. Jerry Brown, who pardoned five ex-convicts this week in an effort to keep them from being deported.

Pheach, who was convicted in 2005 and sentenced to six months, came to the United States at the age of 1 from Cambodia. He served almost a year in jail and three years of probation.

Trump's rant appears to have come in response to a segment on Fox News, which he tagged in the tweet.

Trump's tweet criticizing Brown is "odd", Stock said, "because the president himself has exercised the pardon power".

Brown (pictured) pardoned these immigrants before the faced the possibility of deportation.

In his Twitter rant Saturday morning, Trump also continued his offensive on Amazon, which he said earlier this week is "putting many thousands of retailers out of business".

- Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) March 31, 2018The Trump administration is suing California in a lawsuit filed earlier this month that aims to block the state's sanctuary laws.

But Brown calls this lawsuit a "publicity stunt" by the administration as it continues to push Trump's "America First" agenda.

The three others pardoned who are facing deportation are Francisco Acevedo Alaniz, Daniel Maher and Sergio Mena.

Maher is now the recycling programme director of Ecology Centre, a non-profit based in Berkeley, California.

"Daniel's case is of a person who made one mistake as a young adult, served his time and then completely turned his life around", the centre said. Mena served three years of probation after being convicted of possessing illegal drugs in 2003.

Trump's criticism of the pardon power could remind the public that Trump has refused to rule out using it himself on key figures implicated in the ongoing Russian Federation probe.

Those pardoned Friday included Sokha Chhan and Phann Pheach, both of whom face deportation to Cambodia, a country ruled in the 1970s by the genocidal Khmer Rouge.

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