Is Donald Glover Beefing With Ryan Reynold's Deadpool

Did Taylor Swift ruin the Deadpool animated series

Did Taylor Swift ruin the Deadpool series

Well, now the animation studio Titmouse has released an animation test for the series, showcasing both the animation style, tone, and the level of violence they were hoping to utilize in the series.

Almost a week after FX announced it has canceled plans for a Deadpool animated series following "creative differences" with producers David Glover and Stephen Glover, test footage for the abandoned project has surfaced online.

Speculation about the nature of the "creative differences" that ended the Deadpool project has grown heated since news first broke of the Glovers' departure. "FX and Marvel have an ongoing relationship through our partnership on Legion, which will continue".

The script, which has now been deleted from Twitter, can be found in full over at The Hollywood Reporter.

Glover, who was set to serve as showrunner and writer on the series along with Stephen Glover (Atlanta), also shared a 15-page script titled "Finale", seemingly implying this would have been the show's final script. Animation house Titmouse offered up the test footage (via CBR) showing how they would have tackled Deadpool from an artistic standpoint. While it's never been confirmed that Miller leaked the footage, the way an early scene of the "Deadpool" film is nearly a carbon copy of the video below indicates that it was definitely not a fake. Over the course of the brief video, Deadpool gets flattened against a shipping container, then has an arm sliced off, and then gets the rest of his limbs sheared away in an explosion. In the meantime, fans will still be able to get their fix with the release of Deadpool 2 on May 18. According to Stephen Glover, Donald's brother and creative partner, the answer is yes.

The character of Deadpool has always been one of Marvel's cheekiest entities, one whose fourth-wall-breaking tendencies have offered an interesting edge to the superhero-packed film world. Yeah, all the writers were black. Providing production had even begun (which it reportedly had not), we'll probably never see Floyd County's version of the show, but another animation team pounced at the opportunity.

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