Calls For Gun Control Extend Beyond Classrooms In Baltimore

Adam Buchwald 16 left and Zach Hibshman 16 right juniors at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School created a contract for those who are not old enough to vote where their parents and other guardians can sign and promise to vote for gun reforms

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Hawthorne Junior High students supported their fellow students during the March 14 National Walk Out Day.

The nation has been completely paralyzed over gun violence for decades.

PPTK urges parents to "vote for politicians who will choose your children's safety over guns" and creates contracts for parents and grandparents to sign so that they can honor their promises to their children.

Here's what's different this time.

Contrary to the youth-oriented "Out of the mouth of babes" buzz surrounding the event, one survey shows that the average demographic in the March for Our Lives crowd in Washington trended much older, averaging 49, most of whom " identified as "left-leaning" and 89 percent reported voting for Hillary Clinton".

When it comes to people killed by firearms in the seems that marches, rallies, and hours upon hours of coverage on nightly news cycles are only organized when the hands of the political elite are behind them. "The feeling was of anger but also of community at the same time". When Americans react to the kind of tragedies these towns have experienced, we often wonder how something so violent could have happened in such a supposedly harmless community.

The demonstration was created and organized by #NeverAgain, a group of students who survived the shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School on February 14, which was the eighth mass shooting this year according to CNN. In addition to the almost impossible challenge of finding the necessary resources, experience tells me it is nearly impossible to flag all potential shooters, to convince them of their need for help, to maintain their focus on treatment, to pay for the needed services, etc.

To counter such bunk, as yourself one question: If more guns were going to make society safer, then why hasn't that happened? And I want all our lives to matter because we all deserve and have the right to be free from the recklessness of gun violence. "Either represent the people or get out". "A new generation of lawmakers, lawyers and activists are coming, and the sooner we voice our opinions, the larger impact we will have in the coming years".

Duta, now a teacher at Waukegan High School, said the Parkland students must be going through a hard time, but their fight remains the most important product of the shooting.

Lori Alhadeff center lost her daughter during the Marjory Stoneman shooting last month. She greets students of
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These kids are younger than that.

The Chicago event began with a series of student speakers followed by poetry, music and dance performances. That's probably because adults typically do not see kids as having political agendas.

The Red Flag Law would empower families and law enforcement to petition courts to temporarily suspend a person's access to firearms if they are a danger to themselves or others.

Still, some of the most compelling voices heard were those of local students, including Kassandra "Kass" Fruin, presidential candidate of the SGA.

"It was a very powerful discussion on both campuses", she said.

Regardless of which number you go by, innocent lives have been taken because the right laws haven't been put in place.

The movement started by the Parkland students is likely to grow in the same way.

Other gun control measures under consideration includes banning devices making rifles fire bullets faster and procedures for removing guns from people who are suicidal or homicidal. But if the country's children keep this up, the calls for change won't die down. It's a complex issue, with many tentacles.

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