Supporter Roseanne Barr gives cringe-worthy interview to Jimmy Kimmel

Sarah Chalke on her 'Roseanne&apos return and not sharing the role of Becky anymore

Sarah Chalke on her'Roseanne return and not sharing the role of Becky anymoreMore

Roseanne Barr and the cast of the Rosanne revival are celebrating the show's long awaited premiere! The revival will focus largely on family dissent caused by the 2016 presidential election: Barr's character Roseanne Conner voted for President Donald Trump to the dismay of her children.

In our interview Barr refers to the fact she couldn't attend that year's ceremony and adds the following about her trophy: "I keep it in my living room in Los Angeles".

Trying to get to the bottom of her politics, Jimmy Kimmel reminded Barr that she was a "good friend of Hillary Clinton's at one point".

"I'm still the same, you all moved".

"I deleted it, f- you!" she said of the tweet, flipping Kimmel the bird.

"Listen. Nevermind her foreign policy", he responded.

"And yet we've seen it, over and over again", Kimmel said.

Still, it could be worse than Trump, Barr reminded him.

Then Barr took Kimmel to task about the alternative to Trump: Vice President Mike Pence. When Kimmel replied that he didn't, Barr responded: "Well, then zip that fucking lip" before collapsing on the couch in laughter.

In honor of the series' reboot (premiering tomorrow, March 27, on ABC), find out for yourself...

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