PM calls on citizens to take lead for TB-free world

Doctors and chemists can be jailed if they don’t report TB

While tuberculosis was made a notifiable disease in India in 2012 there was no provision for penal action

Following a new roadmap on improving prevention and treatment of tuberculosis (TB) developed with USAID's support, the Kyrgyz Republic is adopting new treatment models, modernizing the health system, and providing new incentives for doctors, the US Embassy in Bishkek reports.

Dr. Maureen Kamene Kimenye, head of National TB programme urged Kenyans to help with speedy detection of the disease so that all missed cases are identified for testing, diagnosis and treatment.

In an effort to end the TB epidemic in Balochistan, the provincial health department will launch a project called "Ao TB mitao" today to commemorate World Tuberculosis Day.

The results of the survey released on the World TB day showed that MDR-TB is 6.19% among all TB patients with 2.84% among new and 11.60% among previously treated TB patients.

World TB Day is marked globally on March 24 annually.

Only about a week back, the health ministry announced that medical practitioners and pharmacists could face a jail term if they fail to notify the government about TB patients. TB is endemic among Canada's Indigenous peoples. The newer anti-TB drug Bedaquiline has been introduced for DR-TB patients and Delamanid is set to be rolled out as well.

"Treatment centres for patients with DR-TB have expanded from 10 in 2013 to 27 in 2017". On one hand, we have saved 53 million lives since 2000.

Arora said the goal is to get countries around the world to adopt the ECHO model, touching the lives of 1 billion people by 2025.

Observed on March 24 every year, World Tuberculosis Day is created to build public awareness about the global epidemic of TB and efforts to eliminate the disease.

Multidrug-resistant TB (MDR-TB) remains a public health crisis and a health security threat. Do not come in contact with TB patients.

The President will be joined by health minister Dr Aaron Motsoaledi and CEO of TB-HIV care Gareth Lowndes in leading the World Health Organization's global initiative in collaboration with Stop TB partnership to light-up several landmarks across the world during Saturday's commemoration.

Director-General of the WHO Tedros Ghebreyesus said the "devastating" social and economic impacts of TB has caused many drugs to lose their efficacy in combatting the disease. Government of India has been spending millions in providing free treatment the treatment of TB since decades.

To make matters worse, TB disproportionately affects the people from lower income communities.

Thus, the fight against TB goes beyond TB treatment and encompasses overall development of communities.

Also, the unavailability of a healthy and balanced diet among the poor classes makes these classes more susceptible to the disease.

Second, USAID Mission Director Mark Anthony White gave the keynote address at the REACH Media Awards for journalists who exhibited excellence in reporting on TB, especially sensitive reporting including human interest stories on TB patients in India.

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