Major League Baseball in London: Yankees Red Sox to square off in 2019

Boston Red Sox clean up with Clorox

Report: Yankees, Red Sox may two-game play series in London in June 2019

Assuming plans are finalized, the series will be played at Olympic Stadium, which hosted the 2012 Olympics and is now used for soccer and track and field events.

A historic baseball rivalry could be on display over in London, if the deal goes through.

Details for the London matches still need to be "ironed out", Bloomberg reports, but the Yankees and Red Sox are near to an agreement.

According to Ronald Blum, MLB is working to finalize plans for a two-game series between the Yankees and Red Sox in London in June 2019.

As for the upcoming season, both the Boston Red Sox and New York Yankees are preparing for another successful run.

Jacoby Ellsbury was too ill to attend the Boys & Girls Club luncheon on Monday and more than likely will start the season on the disabled list which will create a roster spot for an added pitcher or position player. Compared to other venues which host football, the London Stadium is much wider having catered for a 400m running track during the Olympics which is partly why it was selected by Major League Baseball officials a year ago.

Both Wembley and Twickenham have hosted National Football League games in recent years.

Henry, in an email to The Associated Press, wrote: "This is something the two clubs have discussed for years with Major League Baseball and hopefully it will become a reality".

The franchises have connections to the Premier League as well, with the Yankees in a partnership with Manchester City, while Red Sox owner John Henry also owns Liverpool.

The most recent collective bargaining agreement between owners and players, which was ratified in 2016, includes a commitment to multiple worldwide destinations.

"I think it would be a lot of fun, to be honest", Yankees first baseman Greg Bird said.

This would be the Yankees' first global regular-season game since 2004 when they opened up the season against the Tampa Bay Rays in Tokyo.

Additional regular-season games were played at Monterrey in 1996 (San Diego-Mets); and at San Juan in 2001 (Toronto-Texas), 2003-04 (a total of 43 Montreal home games) and 2010 (Mets-Florida Marlins).

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