Apple's iPhone X Plus Could Be Hitting Store Shelves In September

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Additionally, Apple is also reportedly working on manufacturing its own MicroLED displays that would consume less power and would also help reduce the production costs of the iPhone.

Apple has sent out invites to an event taking place on 27 March in Chicago and speculation is building that a cheaper MacBook Air, a new iPad, and an upgraded iPhone SE - the iPhone SE 2 - are going to be unveiled. The report further highlights that due to the low demand of iPhone X Apple purchased fewer OLED panels from Samsung than it has commited. The 6.1-inch iPhone will apparently retain most elements of the iPhone X design, but use an LCD display and lack some features like 3D Touch.

Here are three ways that Apple could improve upon the iPhone X's display.

Apple's previous flagships, the iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, and iPhone X didn't sell as well as expected, and so Apple is intending to commence the production process of its upcoming smartphones earlier to revive the sales of its smartphones. Lin says in the report that the iPhone X MBOM was more than $400 in 2017.

The report also revealed that the cost of manufacturing the successor to the iPhone X has been successfully brought down by 10% that would ultimately lead to a cheaper iPhone for the customers.

An Apple sales associate speaks with a customer waiting to purchase a new iPhone X in NY, U.S., November 3, 2017. However, the project was suspended "mid-February and may be eventually terminated".

There was another project, undertaken by Apple, to develop a 5.85-inch LCD iPhone.

According to Ray Soneira, owner of display screen testing company DisplayMate Technologies, this is a golden opportunity for Apple. It is unlikely that the technology will reach an iPhone for at least three to five years as MicroLED screens are more hard to produce than the current displays, Bloomberg said.

In Apple's case, perfecting MicroLED screen production would remove the need to rely on companies including Samsung, Japan Display, Sharp, and LG Display.

One of the issues with the current iPhone X display - a flaw that's inherent to the iPhone X's display type - is that when the screen is viewed off-axis, there is a dramatic color shift.

Lin also believes the 5.85-inch OLED iPhone may be the cheapest of the three new devices. On top of this, rumors indicate that a new pencil support feature is also in the works to go along with the new iPad Pro 3.

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