'Idol' Contestant Apologizes to Katy Perry for Loving Taylor Swift

Jonny Brenns sings original song

Katy Perry says she 'loves' Taylor Swift 'as a songwriter' – but is she just throwing more shade?

Taylor went on to say that her rival later did something bad enough to make it clear they will never be friends.

In addition, Perry apologized for her end of the feud during an interview with Ariana Huffington.

Katy replied: "You don't have to be sorry". Things have been somewhat quiet between the two pop stars recently, but fans haven't forgotten about the famous feud. The drama has been never-ending.

In the latest episode of American Idol, where Katy's now a judge, her fellow judge Luke Brywan asked a contestant who their music inspo was, when the contestant looked at Katy and apologised, before admitting he's a massive Swiftie.

Even though Katy called for a truce a year ago, it seems they can't keep each other's names out of their mouths. The vote for White to continue his journey with "American Idol" was unanimous, with Katy Perry confidently saying, "I think you are Top 10 material".

"Oh, you don't have to be sorry at all".

It's hard to say whether it was intended as a pointed jab, or if it was a simple offhand comment about Swift's songwriting skills.

Katy Perry didn't miss a beat, although her tongue got a little tied as she talked.

Sure, it sounds like Katy's paying Taylor a compliment and, tbf, she kinda is. "She was so good too and the guitar sounded lovely with her voice!"

It makes no sense to look for what is right or wrong but it is vital to know if the gesture was welcomed or had been forced upon someone because it is a form of sexual assault and if we're supposed to move towards equality we need to look at both sides of the gender.

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