Wheelchair, limitations, fame; Stephen Hawking quotes on everything

The biggest mystery

The biggest mystery

"We were honoured that Professor Hawking was a patron of the Association and inspired by his tenacity to keep pushing boundaries". I'm not afraid of death, but I'm in no hurry to die.

Neymar, the world's most expensive footballer, took an online kicking Wednesday for tweeting a picture of himself grinning in a wheelchair and wearing a bathing suit to pay homage to Stephen Hawking. "I have so much I want to do first", he said in an interview with The Guardian in May 2011.

"In other words, he understood and said rather pithily in that book why physics can never substitute for a Creator, though he didn't phrase it quite that way, that was the import". She received her doctorate in 1990 at the Scuola Internazionale Superiore di Studi Avanzati, in Trieste, Italy, under the direction of British physicist Dennis Sciama, an Oxford professor and formerly of Cambridge, where she directed Hawking.

The head of the Vatican's astronomical observatory has hailed Stephen Hawking as a scientist who gave a "human face" to astronomy. This emission of radiation is now known as Hawking radiation and it revolutionized physicists' understanding of black holes.

"It would not be much of a universe if it wasn't home to the people you love".

According to online retailer Amazon, Prof Hawking's book A Brief History of Time has risen to the top of its best sellers list following the announcement of his death on Wednesday.

There are few scientists who reach as far into popular culture as Stephen Hawking did.

His writings were inspirational to many scientists and enriched the lives of millions with the latest science and cosmic perspectives. Realizing that our paths will cross, Gerry and I both tried to get Hans to stop and engage Hawking, imagining that Hawking would be delighted to meet the eminent Bethe, victor of the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1967 for his discovery of how stars generate the energy to shine.

The fact that he managed to beat the estimates of his doctors by living a long and meaningful life despite his disease and the grim prognosis is just the least of those reasons but there is a reason why Professor Hawking is the poster boy for all the differently-abled people of this planet.

The actor who played Stephen Hawking in a film about the scientist's life has described him as the funniest man he ever met. "Black holes ain't as black as they are painted", Hawking quipped. It's no wonder why he would be a recurring guest on The Big Bang Theory, and it's no secret that he could make even a fictional genius like Sheldon look like a novice.

When David Gilmour saw a TV ad in the 1990's featuring Hawking he made a decision to use samples from of it on "Keep Talking" from 1994's The Division Bell and again on "Talkin Hawkin" found on 2014's The Endless River. He was 76 years old.

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