Stormy Daniels Wants To Return The $130000 And End Her Silence

Stormy Daniels Wants To Return The $130000 And End Her Silence

Stormy Daniels Wants To Return The $130000 And End Her Silence

A lawyer for Stormy Daniels, the porn actor and director who allegedly had an extramarital affair with President Trump over a decade ago, says she would be willing to return the $130,000 she received in exchange for her silence.

In return, she wants to walk away from an agreement she reached in October 2016 with Cohen to keep quiet about the alleged tryst.

The story alleges that attorneys "associated with" the President are planning to file an injunction to prevent the planned March 18 airing of the interview, conducted by Anderson Cooper.

Avenatti told NBC News that Americans should be allowed to judge for themselves who is telling the truth between Daniels and Trump. The two have been in the White House for a little more than a year as Donald has been marked one of the most controversial Presidents yet.

Daniels, for her part, did not comment on any of the potential legal issues surrounding the airing of the show, nor did she comment on anything she and Cooper had discussed.

The White House - which has repeatedly denied the alleged affair - declined to comment.

There have been all sorts of complications surrounding this incident-like whether the 2016 payment from Trump's lawyer, Michael Cohen, might have violated election law-but Daniels has remained in the spotlight for weeks.

The Dallas Morning News reported on Monday that Texas officials are investigating whether a notary properly witnessed the non-disclosure agreement. He said neither the Trump Organization nor the Trump campaign was a party to the transaction with Clifford.

Clifford also requested an assurance that neither President Trump nor EC LLC would move to block the broadcast of a "60 Minutes" interview she gave last week, and which Cohen has sought to block.

The original deal that Ms Clifford signed required all parties to take any disputes into a private arbitration process, with Mr Cohen winning a temporary restraining order against Ms Clifford.

The interview, with 60 Minutes, the CBS news programme, could be aired as soon as Sunday.

Kilmeade went on to paint the coverage as irrelevant, since "people knew what Donald Trump was doing before [he was president]".

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