Central Georgia students planning school walkouts on March 14th

The school plans to alter the bell schedule and create an open period during the walkout, allowing student to choose whether or not to participate in the walkout, or alternatively go to other areas in the school, such as the library or student commons.

"Why can't the kids walk out?" she said. Harbron also said the school highly recommends that students do not leave the building, but understands it might happen.

The Women's March Youth EMPOWER group is organizing the walkout "to protest Congress' inaction to do more than tweet thoughts and prayers in response to the gun violence plaguing our schools and neighborhoods". Mooresville High School Principal Brian Disney said the students plan to use the school's public address system to read short statements about mental illness, the importance of kindness and standing up against all school violence before inviting all students to gather in a school hallway for 17 minutes of silence.

WGN News checked several local districts.

For some schools around the country, however, it's a little more complicated.

Sussex County's largest school district-Indian River-will not be facilitating walkouts at any of their schools.

According to a student pamphlet, the rally's demands include universal background checks, banning bump stocks, limiting magazine capacity, more accessible gun safety training and a 21-year-old minimum age to buy rifles and assault weapons.

"We have sent out a message to the schools that clearly states that a walkout is not a safe and responsible way to protest and we encourage that that should be done on campus", he said. The Wisconsin Council of Churches wrote a letter calling on their members to join the event.

It has been called National School Walkout Day, an event in which students nationally plan to walk out of school for 17 minutes to protest what they say is a lack of sensible gun control legislation.

"As educators, we respect and encourage the right of free speech and will honor the rights of students who choose to participate in this demonstration", he stated.

Parents of children who attend Fremont Elementary School in the Bluff Heights area of Long Beach say they plan to surround the school Wednesday morning while holding hands with their children to show "support and solidarity for the students who have experienced this sort of violence", said Jill Parker, a mother of two daughters who attend Fremont.

We reached out to Baldwin, Monroe, Laurens, and Dublin City Schools.

Classes will continue as normal, and parents and guardians have been asked to "follow normal attendance procedures to excuse students who plan to participate".

"Just last week, the Board of Education passed a strong resolution affirming our support for students getting involved in the democratic process and demonstrating peacefully", Post said. "We didn't want them to walk out because of safety concerns".

All participating students must return back to class once the walkout is complete. "This will give students a way to express their views and will enable us to keep all of our students safe".

School staff may supervise students as they leave the buildings, and school resource officers will be onsite, the letter said.

Meanwhile, school officials with Chesterfield County Schools in Virginia have said their students can either hold a student-led memorial service for the victims of the Parkland shooting or hold a student-led assembly about school safety, CNN affiliate WTVR reported.

Students choosing not to participate will remain in class with a teacher. Students gone at other times will have an unexcused absence.

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