Days Gone Delayed to 2019

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PS4 Exclusive Days Gone To Release In 2019 According To Official PlayStation Website

For those unfamiliar with the game, Days Gone is an open-world zombie survival game, with the player being tasked with fighting, strategizing and exploring the game's world on their own terms in order to survive. But the Japanese company announced Friday that it was delaying the zombie apocalypse game until 2019.

If you recall back in mid December 2017, SIE president Shuhei Yoshida made mention at PSX 2017 that Days Gone will release sometime in 2018.

Days Gone will be released exclusively for the PS4. The information disclosing the following job listings can be found over on Bend Studio's Twitter account. We reached out to Sony earlier today, and a spokesperson confirmed the change.

Now there's no final release date set, with the delay simply moving it to next year at some point. The update to the official PlayStation website now puts the game as releasing in 2019 so perhaps plans have changed now, or the game needs more time in development. The game is being developed by Sony Bend Studio who have previously worked on the Syphon Filter franchise. The game was supposed to come out this year, though there wasn't any indication of exactly when the game would come out.

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