Trump Has Reportedly Spoken With Witnesses About What They Told Mueller Team

Trump Has Reportedly Spoken With Witnesses About What They Told Mueller Team

Trump Has Reportedly Spoken With Witnesses About What They Told Mueller Team

Former Trump campaign aide Sam Nunberg has greeted a subpoena to testify in the Russian Federation investigation with the kind of diplomatic flair legends are made of.

Nunberg started working for then-businessman Trump in 2011, making him one of his earliest political advisers, but he was sacked from the Republican's campaign in August 2015 before the heat of the 2016 presidential race.

"Why do I have to do it?"

It's thus unclear how much Nunberg would know about the inner workings of the Trump campaign or the White House, where he never worked. "If he did that, it's inexcusable if he did that", Nunberg said at one point.

Nunberg also claimed President Trump knew about his son Donald Trump Jr.'s meeting with a Russian lawyer at Trump Tower before it happened. He fired in August 2015 amid reports that he posted racially charged messages on Facebook.

He later contradicted himself on collusion and suggested that Trump may have had some dealings with the Russians. "He's too smart for that", Nunberg said, confirming private testimony that Schiller gave a year ago.

Burnett: So I, I just-because it is the talk out there-again, I know it's awkward-let me give you the question so you can categorically answer it: Have you had a drink today?

In a series of extraordinary live interviews on Monday, former Trump campaign aide Sam Nunberg claimed the president "may have done something" illegal during the 2016 race for the White House.

Minutes earlier, he told MSNBC's Katy Tur that he thinks Trump "may have done something during the election".

"I think they may", he said. In two jaw-dropping interviews that stunned the political world (and probably Nunberg's lawyer), Nunberg, who was sacked by the Trump campaign in August 2015, revealed he had no plans to cooperate with Mueller - a stunt that will most likely end up with him in jail.

Nunberg said he plans to comply with all aspects of the subpoena, including the federal grand jury testimony he has been called to deliver on Friday. Price also thinks it is important that Roger Stone is named in the subpoena. "And then I'll laugh", he said numerous times on MSNBC. He also told MSNBC: "I wanted Trump to lose".

At her daily press briefing White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders said she could not "speak to him or the lack of knowledge that he clearly has".

"Donald Trump did not collude with the Russians".

Speaking to MSNBC, Nunberg said: "I think it would be amusing if they arrested me". "The person she works for has a 30-percent approval rating". "That Carter Page is a weird dude".

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