The film "water", filmed in Toronto, has received 4 awards "Oscar"

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Guillermo del Toro Reveals He and Wife Lorenza Newton Quietly Divorced In 2017

"The Shape of Water" is an original adult novel that mirrors and extends the story told by the feature film, that won the award for Best Picture at the 2018 Academy Awards.

Just days after taking home two Oscars at the 90th Annual Academy Awards on Sunday, Guillermo del Toro revealed that he is no longer married to wife Lorenza Newton.

The movie's Mexican filmmaker Guillermo del Toro won Best Director, dashing the hopes of a rare win by a woman or a black film-maker. "And I thank you very much'".

With this year's Oscar's behind us, here is a list of the highest grossing Oscar winning films of all time.

Jimmy Kimmel did his best to balance an evening that whiplashed between celebratory and somber, but here's hoping Tiffany Haddish and Maya Rudolph, the breakout duo of this year's ceremony, get the hosting gig next.

In another nod to the women's movements, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences tapped past winners Jennifer Lawrence and Jodie Foster - on crutches - to present McDormand's best actress Oscar. "It makes me feel like I can do it", fashion designer Edna Pedraza said.

Melvin said after decades of growth, Toronto's TV and film industries are truly "world-class". Paul Austerberry, who was born in Toronto but grew up in Sault Ste.

He said: "I would like to thank my mother, who is older than the Oscars, she is 99 years young next birthday and she's watching the ceremony from the comfort of her sofa". "Guillermo - may you keep dreaming up your monsters and their wonderful stories so people like us can help shape their worlds".

The composer, who won an Oscar for Best Original Score in 2013 for his work on The Grand Budapest Hotel, has also been a nominee in this category on seven other occasions.

But a Reddit user by the name of caerul has now added an extra dimension to the end of the film, as he spotted a number of clues throughout "The Shape Of Water" that led him to believe that Elisa is actually a half fish-man herself.

She was delighted to be back on stage however, giving the prizes for Best Costume Design to Phantom Thread, Paul Thomas Anderson's fashion-world psychodrama.

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