Cynthia Nixon Laying Groundwork for Run for Governor of NY

Cynthia Nixon has not yet decided if she will run in the Democratic primary against Gov. Cuomo

Cynthia Nixon has not yet decided if she will run in the Democratic primary against Gov. Cuomo

If she did, the five-time Golden Globe nominee would challenge incumbent Andrew Cuomo for the Democratic primary this coming September. Andrew Cuomo in the primary.

Nixon, perhaps known as Miranda Hobbes in HBO's "Sex and the City" series, has not officially declared her candidacy, and a spokesperson claimed a final decision has not yet been made.

During her appearance on The View a year ago, she accused the Governor - who is seeking a third term in office - of "shortchanging the children of NY".

Just months before, while appearing on The View, she criticized Cuomo for, as she said, "shortchanging the children of NY".

Insiders say Rebecca Katz and Bill Hyers are predicted to play a huge part; the two veterans were vital assets in New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio's first campaign for mayor. Cuomo declined to comment.

Nixon has been outspoken critic of Cuomo's education policies.

Rumors of Nixon's interest in running for office have swirled for a year. She continued to criticize Cuomo's achievements in school aid, noting that spending on education is something "parents all across NY state talk to me about".

Then, he added: "Russian interference?" and dissolved into a long laugh.

"Taking our country back is going to require all of us to step up and take action - including more women, people of color, queer people, and first-generation Americans running for office", actress Cynthia Nixon tweeted in late January. "We may not have million dollar super PACs behind us, but we'll have something more important - a shared mission uniting millions of people across this nation".

According to USA Today, Nixon and two other Democrats are considering facing Cuomo, who is vying for a third term in November, and is a likely 2020 presidential candidate.

"In this business you can't let these things bother you, otherwise you won't last long", Cuomo said.

He might be playing it cool, but there could be good reason for him to be concerned. He won 62 percent of the vote against Zephyr's 34 percent of vote.

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