Toyota unveils Supra race vehicle concept

0 Comments 2018 Toyota Supra Racing Concept

0 Comments 2018 Toyota Supra Racing Concept

The GR Supra Racing Concept (GR stands for "Gazoo Racing") revives one of the most celebrated names in the history of Toyota, and though it still isn't a surefire confirmation of an upcoming production model, it can nearly certainly be interpreted as one. But more than just a throwback, Toyota is turning the fifth generation Supra into the GR Supra Racing Concept that will help define the future of Toyota's entire fleet.

After 16 years, the Toyota Supra returns as a Gazoo Racing-spec concept auto in Geneva, based on the same platform as the upcoming BMW Z4 roadster. The unveiling of the racing concept signals the return of Toyota's iconic sportscar. It's a front-engined rear-wheel drive racer which shares much of the styling expected from the road vehicle, but makes extensive use of an unidentified "lightweight composite material" for many of its parts. Indicating that it's next in sequence after the A40, A60, A70, and A80.

If you booked a ticket or a hotel (or both), though, the Supra Racing Concept is a pretty decent consolation prize. The Supra also competed in the American IMSA and Le Mans races during that time.

The GR Supra Racing Concept is a compact, two-door coupe with a front-engine/rear-wheel drive configuration and employs advanced lightweight materials in its construction.

We don't know exactly when the road-going production Supra will be revealed - or when it is due arrive in Australia - but it is expected to debut at the Los Angeles motor show before going on-sale in 2019.

The suspension has been lowered, while the braking and wheels have been upgraded to racing standards. The doors are lined with carbon fiber panels and the dashboard includes a racing display.

Competition safety requirements are met by a full roll cage and fire extinguishers.

The GR Supra Racing Concept is to be featured in a new update of the Gran Turismo Sport video game, scheduled for release in April 2018.

So a BMW straight-six is likely to be powering the Supra. So after the Supra disappeared in the late-90s, we have been hoping for a new one year after year, for nearly two decades now.

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