Citrus County Teacher Has White Nationalist Podcast

Crystal River Middle School

Dayanna, 25, is a teacher at Crystal River Middle School in Florida

A Citrus County schoolteacher has been secretly hosting a podcast that espouses racist views, and she used it brag about being a teacher, the Huffington Post reports.

Left-leaning news website The Huffington Post says Dayanna Volitich, a teacher at Crystal River Middle School, hosts the podcast under the pseudonym Tiana Dalichov.

The report said that in the podcast, Volitich agrees with racist and anti-Semitic guests.

As to preaching her alt-right agenda to children, Volitich said that although it is frowned upon by her school's administration, she has gotten away by boasting about her white nationalist beliefs in front of her students.

In a statement also released Sunday by Volitich's attorney, the teacher did not deny operating the podcast, which she said she did so under the Russian name Tiana Dalichov.

Volitich started to delete her content once the Huffington Post began asking questions, but the school has already started to investigate the allegations. "Pursuant to Florida Statute an open investigation and materials related to it are exempt from public record and can not be discussed until the investigation is complete".

During one of her latest podcasts on February 26, one of her guests stated every child do not always deserve the best education because their IQs differ based on what race they belong to. "Until they reform the holy text to condemn the act of killing the infidel, or until we eradicate them [Muslims] from the face of the earth, the attacks will continue", she wrote. It also noted the names "Dayanna Volitich" and "Tiana Dalichov" are nearly anagrams.

In a statement, Volitich, claims her podcasts and alter-ego were political satire created to build an audience.

HuffPost reported that the student body at the school where Volitich works is almost 90 percent white, with only about four percent of students identify as black and three percent as Hispanic. "And I'm like no", Volitich said during her podcast. From them, I humbly ask for forgiveness, as it was never my intention to cause them grief while engaging in a hobby on my personal time. "I honestly don't care", the host said in one clip.

Matt Mullen, Assistant Superintendent for Operations for Citrus County Schools, has confirmed to News Channel 8 that the teacher referred to in the above statement is Dayanna Volitich. "She does not speak on behalf of the Citrus County School District, the views she's listed [online] are really not in line with how our district operates".

Volitich did not respond to HuffPo's requests for comments.

"How sensitive things are, I don't think that was an appropriate action, even with freedom of speech", said Wesley Armitage, whose son attends Crystal River Middle School.

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