Man dead after shooting himself in front of White House

U.S. Secret Service on Twitter:

Secret Service: Male shot himself to death near White House

The Metropolitan Police Department, who are leading the investigation into the shooting with the support of the Secret Service, identified the shooter on Sunday as Cameron Ross Burgess, 26, of Maylene, Alabama.

The University said he attended Auburn and graduated in 2013. He was a 2009 graduate of Thompson High School in Alabaster and also lived in Birmingham.

A search of online court records in Alabama shows no prior criminal record, though Burgess did receive a speeding ticket in August 2010 from a State Trooper who stopped him in Tallapoosa County.

The area north of the White House was cleared and cordoned off. Police also draped yellow crime-scene tape along a full block of nearby K St., where authorities were searching a parked vehicle.

Police in Washington DC confirmed that an "adult male has been declared deceased".

The man approached the fence line, removed a concealed handgun and fired several rounds, none of which appear to have been aimed at the White House, a Secret Service spokesperson said.

A law enforcement source told CNN the shooter shot his phone before shooting himself. More than 100 people fled after the shots were fired. Police say they are working to notify next of kin.

And the Secret Service says no member of the first family was at the White House when the incident took place. They removed items from the auto which appeared to be pictures and documents in a cigar box.

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