The Walking Dead Season 8: Old Man Rick Explained

Carl eye can't believe what you're doing

AMC Carl eye can't believe what you're doing

His death has huge ramifications for The Walking Dead, as Carl was one of just a handful of the original characters still around from the first season. "Honor" is an homage to him and, in an exceptional performance by Chandler Riggs, Carl says goodbye to his newfound family before taking his own life. Probably not, since it took nine episodes to get to answers behind the flash-forwards.

The Walking Dead endured perhaps its most emotional and grueling goodbye on Sunday night, as millions of fans tuned in to say farewell to Carl Grimes, who was bitten by a walker in December's midseason finale.

This plot winds up working better than expected when played against Carl thanking his father for helping him become more than ruthless killer. "This time it was me leaving, not another cast member".

In the Season 8 midseason return, "Honor", the show said goodbye to Carl after he was bitten in the midseason finale. There are only four principals left from the first season! From the opening montage to the quiet pop of a bullet as Rick and Michonne stood sobbing outside, the episode handled the death of Rick's eldest extremely well - even if some thought it dragged on for a little too long. That gives an indication that that, in this scene, is not a premonition.

Reason No. 7,481 to love Jerry: As if we needed any more, but watching six-year-old Judith's pure joy when she runs up to give him a bear hug in Carl's dream? I'm not saying that that's actually happening.

The young, tough-as-nails survivor - and heir apparent to his father Rick - was left circling the jaws of death late a year ago, when he succumbed to a nasty walker bite just prior to The Walking Dead's winter hiatus.

As Digital Spy explains, Lauren Cohan's Maggie might be the next one on the chopping block. It's certainly a possibility worth considering.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan, who plays Negan on the show, wrote out a heartfelt message to Riggs on Instagram. Grimes finally said his goodbyes as his death was shown in the midseason premiere, which aired in the United States last night (February 25).

With that, Carl removes his silenced handgun, choosing to do the act himself. It's his vision of what the world could be like if his father - and everyone else - stopped with all the killing and instead worked together. During the course of the conversation, Negan comes to see the error in his ways, and quickly accepts Rick's pitch. Took us right out of suspended disbelief.

The big question: Rick's final scene - now we know those times we've seen him with stained glass are the man sitting under a tree with a nasty wound. It's an intersection between mercy and wrath: Rick doesn't kill his enemy, but he doesn't forgive him, either.

"Chandler has always been a great friend and great help on and off set", Katelyn Nacon told Us Weekly exclusively. At least it resolved one mystery: the visions of a bearded Rick happy in Alexandria turned out to be Carl's hope for the future, one which saw even the likes of Eugene and Negan given a second chance.

But will any of this occur on the show, as it has been known to remix moments from the comics. But Negan doesn't die and winds up breaking Rick's leg before passing out from blood loss. The TV show has often shied away from Rick's grislier comic book injuries, most famously the loss of his hand early on in the Woodbury arc with the Governor (David Morrissey).

Carl Grimes is dead, and The Walking Dead will never be the same.

Rick's mercy will nearly certain prevail over his wrath by the end of season eight, allowing Negan to keep his head long enough to survive into season nine ... but as a free man?

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