Google Assistant learns new languages and talents

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This includes helping people learn more about their plan, add new services (like global data roaming), get customer support and more.

Even if Google's assistant doesn't eavesdrop, its presence on an indoor security camera is likely to focus more attention on the handling and protection of the data collected through internet-connected devices.

The Google Assistant is going global, with Google's AI gaining new language support, deeper integration with Android phones, and smarter functionality. Ahead of MWC, the company has confirmed that by year's end it will be available in more than 30 languages (up from eight).

Google Assistant will soon be able to complete multiple tasks with a single command, speak more than 30 languages, and allow people to speak more than one language with their AI assistant.

The multilingual option will first be available in English, French and German, with support for more languages coming "over time", Fox wrote. When it launched, it only supported one - English - and right now the digital assistant supports Japanese, French, German, Spanish, Korean, Italian, and Brazilian Portuguese.

Google Assistant is about to get a lot smarter.

That's pretty cool and, hopefully, this should make Google Assistant much more useful in a wider range of situations, not just when you're walking to your office in San Francisco or roaming the streets of London with the phone in your hand asking "When's my next flight?" in ideal English.

Google's goal of enabling multistep actions is shared by others in the virtual assistant market. Building on the past twelve months of work between the search company and Android handset manufacturers, the program will allow the Assistant to directly control handset features: turning on or off the mobile hotspot, for example. Perhaps more exciting, Google notes that "we'll also have new integrations from LG, Sony Mobile and Xiaomi". Sprint, Koodo, Telus, and Vodafone are already working on some. In the coming weeks (in the United States), you will be given the ability to six routines that help with your morning, commutes to and from work, and evening at home.

For example, you could tell your Google Home device to remind you to buy milk when you're at the grocery store.

In addition to these features, Google also announced some major language upgrades for the Assistant today.

So when you walk into your home and say, "Hey, Google, I'm home", the digital assistant cannot only turn on the lights, but also start playing music, share some important reminders, and more.

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