Ex-engineer sues Google, saying he was sacked for condemning diversity memo

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Ex-Google engineer: I was fired for being too liberal

In doing so, he set off heated debate among his co-workers a debate that, according to current and former employees who spoke to Gizmodo, led Google to ramp up its moderation of internal conversations and crack down on employees who speak up about diversity.

Former Google employee Tim Chevalier has hit the search engine giant with a lawsuit, in which he alleges he was sacked for his liberal political activism whilst working for the company. Gizmodo covered this news or first that two former employees have filed the case on the company.

Damore was sacked for "advancing harmful gender stereotypes" in August 2017 after the memo, in which he posited that psychological differences between men and women explain the gaping gender imbalance at Google, was leaked and went viral.

James Damore is also now suing Google for wrongful termination and discrimination - specifically, against conservatives and white men. In fact, many of Chevalier's posts made appearances in Damore's suit, wielded as evidence that Google discriminated against white men.

"Chevalier pushed back on the online bullying he and others were experiencing, using the same internal messaging systems to try to educate his employer and coworkers on how to change Google's working conditions to be inclusive and supportive of underrepresented minorities, such as himself".

Chevalier, a software developer and former site-reliability engineer at Google, was ousted in November 2017 after he responded to an anti-diversity memo written by James Damore, who too was sacked allegedly for criticising Google for its diversity policy.

The lawsuit was filed in San Francisco County Superior Court and Chevalier is seeking damages for lost wages, emotional distress, punitive damages, and injunctive relief against those alleged harmful acts. These activities continues when he joined Google, and he describes Google's workplace structure and culture as "overwhelmingly white, abled, straight, cisgender, and male".

Damore was dismissed in August 2017 after he posted a memo justifying the gender pay gap on the grounds of women being biologically inferior. Shortly after the memo began to make national headlines, he was sacked by Google CEO Sundar Pichai. Last Friday, the National Labor Relations Board, which Damore also petitioned for wrongful termination, found that Google was within their rights when they fired Damore. The agency said Google fired the computer engineer not for expressing dissenting views or criticism, but over "unprotected discriminatory statements" in his memo.

The document also mentions that Google's HR division informed Chevalier before he was sacked that his supervisors were "critical of [his] political participation and dismissive of his attempts to change Google's culture".

Google said in a statement that "lively debate" is important to its company culture, but "that doesn't mean anything goes".

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