Free Update For Super Mario Odyssey Brings Luigi To The Game

Super Mario Odyssey's first content update might be coming tomorrow

Super Mario Odyssey UPDATE: Nintendo Switch dlc LEAK, reveals Luigi mode is coming TODAY

What do you think of the new Super Mario Odyssey update?

The big addition Mario fans will be happy to see is Luigi, who was also absent from the main game. This title, however, won't be released on the Switch until February 27. Then, you'll have the choice to either hide a balloon, or attempt to find one that other players have already hidden somewhere in the world. And there are new gold coin and neon filters in Snapshot Mode to catch them looking their best.

There's a bunch of new software for the Nintendo Switch and 3DS coming out this week and early next.

Luigi's Balloon World: "After downloading the update and beating the main story, Luigi will now show up in different kingdoms to give Mario a new challenge". Entertaining filters have been added to Snapshot Mode.

We'll let you know more the moment we find out.

Take a look at the full listing of changes on the official website. Upon a first visit is a set amount you can grab, and sometimes once you have completed certain story objectives - such as New Donk City's opening and the Sand and Snow Kingdoms - more will appear. It sounds like a pretty fun time, like an online hide-and-seek of sorts.

More new outfits are planned, says Nintendo, so keep your eyes peeled.

Industry insider and renowned leaker Marcus Sellars has poured fuel on the fire by tweeting to his followers: "Fortnite = Nintendo Switch".

It's worth noting as well that in the past Epic Games has indicated their intention to bring the game to the Nintendo hybrid at some point.

"Yes. Yes I am", he stated.

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