Nest Cam IQ gets "OK Google" support, lower monthly fee

You Can Now Talk to Your Nest Security Camera

Nest Cam IQ Google Assistant update makes camera a smart speaker

Google clearly has a goal of putting the Google Assistant just about everywhere.

Google's voice-activated assistant is branching out to Nest's deluxe security camera in an expansion that may amplify the privacy concerns surrounding Internet-connected microphones.

Google announced today that its premium Nest Cam IQ has been upgraded with support for the Google Assistant. The device is now basically a mini Google Home with a camera on top.

Last September, Nest officially announced that it was planning on updating its Cam IQ indoor security camera to add Google Assistant. All that power is put to work crunching that 4K video feed down to a more reasonable 1080p size, with the 4K sensor used to power the "12x digital zoom" feature available for its app. And if you have a Nest Cam IQ indoor or outdoor camera, Nest Aware will now be able to merge duplicate familiar faces of the same person within your photo collections.

"Once devices have received the update, they can perform the same tasks as any other tech with Google Assistant on board".

Alphabet owns Nest and earlier this month integrated the previously standalone unit into Google's hardware group.

Alongside that, Nest is dropping the pricing on its Nest Aware subscription.

In addition to the Google Assistant update, Nest is also adding a new $5 plan to its Nest Aware subscription service that gets you five days of video uploading, compared with the current $10 / 10-day and $30 / 30-day plans. The service, which allows continuous recording and refined vision activity alerts, came with 30-day and 10-day cloud memory banks for $30 per month and $10 per month. It is worth noting, though, that the outdoor versions of the security camera is not getting this particular update. The camera can now differentiate between a person and a thing in motion zones and has improved facial recognition.

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